Are you a person who is in debt? Learn about the system and search for assistance through a SSA dealing with debt to give you peace of mind!

The Debt Management System (DMS) is a General Support System that has been approved and accredited by the Social Security Administration (SSA). DMS serves as ssa dealing with debt is SSA’s financial management system, consolidating programme debt actions such as overpayments, underpayments, and payments certified to the Treasury in excess of the amount due. DMS’s aim is to offer control, prompt settlement, and accounting of programme debts owing, as well as management information that promotes strategic use of SSA’s resources to reduce overpayment occurrences. The primary features of DMS include data entry screens for debt actions (such as waivers), billing and follow-up, remittance processing, external collection activities, and financial reporting.

What exactly is SSA?

A Social Service Agency (SSA) is a non-profit organization that offers welfare and/or community-benefiting services. SSAs are often formed as societies, limited liability corporations, or trusts. As long as the organization is established only for philanthropic reasons and engages in charitable operations, it must register as a charity. SSA assists debt-stressed persons in addressing their unsecured debt problem by counseling, education, and, when appropriate, enabling debt repayment agreements. SSAs can use VCF to co-fund workshops, bursaries, new initiatives, and other programs.

Register with a SSA to stay informed, which will allow you to submit a Counseling Request Form with Supporting Documents to obtain a Credit Counseling Session, ultimately providing you peace of mind!